CS:GO Updates und Hotfixes!

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CS:GO mehre Updates haben uns erreicht!

Da schaut man mal 2-3 Tage nicht ins CS:GO und 3 Patches (auch Hotfixes) kommen raus! Woah 😮

Okay wir fassen die Patchlogs mal zusammen vom zuerst erschienenen Patch zum letzten Patch / Hotfix.

Halloween ist nun auch bei CSGO angekommen. Sowohl Spielermasken als auch UNTOTE Hühner (einmal töten und sie stehen als Zombie Hühner wieder auf) sind nun im Spiel 😀

Viel Spaß ! 😉



  • In game characters are now celebrating the spooky season with masks.
  • The spirits of fallen friends have again risen to haunt player death cameras (they show up in the world during death/freeze cameras in game).
  • When there’s no more room in Chicken Hell….
  • Added convar sv_holiday_mode (set to 0 on the server to disable holiday festivities).


  • Fixed radius damage from exploding HE grenade to not get applied to last bot’s location where bot had been taken over by a human.
  • Bots can no longer be controlled by humans during warmup.
  • Updated inventory inspect animation to reveal both sides of knife blades.
  • Added six new offers community stickers.



  • Fixed wallbang inconsistency through closed window in apartments near Bombsite B
  • Optimized placement of blue potted plant T side of mid
  • Made balcony at Bombsite B slightly larger
  • Opened up skybox from CT spawn to Bombsite B


  • Added relaxing windchimes to CT spawn
  • Fixed bugs where players could get stuck on roof overhangs
  • Fixed some textures with wrong surface properties
  • Removed some wacky boost spots
  • Updated collision model on pillars in Ruins

Rumor has it:


  • Fixed chicken particles a bad fallback which results in giant red Xs.
  • Fixed addons (masks) not getting reset on team change.
  • Fixed client demos not getting the proper masks if the holiday convar is turned off during playback.



  • Fixed masks drawing through smoke.
  • Fixed grenades getting stuck in chickens.
  • Doom sticker is no longer invisible.
  • A VAC error message will now take the user to a KB article to help resolve the error.

Alle 3 Patches kamen in einem Abstand von cirka 30 Stunden. Dementsprechend sollte diese Zusammenfassung kein Problem sein 🙂

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